CEO speech

Firstly, I would like to give my sincere appreciation to all the customers, supplier and business peers for your constant attention, understanding and support.

Shanghai Gunze New Plastics Film Co., Ltd. is a solely foreign-funded enterprise in China, invested by Gunzen Limited in Japan Osaka with hundreds of years' history, mainly producing plastic products.

Main products consist heat shrinkage labels of cosmetics, daily chemical products, food and beverage industries(made from OPS).
Our company was established in 2003, from the very beginning, we insist the Corporate Philosophy of Creation & Evolution, making everyday effort to provide customer new service with good quality and to develop products to satisfy customers.
Nowadays, the environment of business is rapidly changing. As Charles Darwin has said in<The Origin of Species>, ‘those who cannot adapt the change of the environment will be eliminated.’The current era with its theme of natural selection is coming now.

In the future path of development, Shanghai will accelerate the pace of innovation is the county, China's packaging industry to promote the development of environmental protection and contribute their own modest.

Henceforth, our company means to improve our speed of creation and do our best to promote Chinese packing market as well as the eco-business as our contribution to the society. And we are very appreciate for your concern as usual.

President of Shanghai Gunze New Plastics Film Co., Ltd.

Naohito Fukushima