company philosophy

In August of 1896, Gunze started out as a local producer of silk in the district of Ikaruga (presently Ayabe City) near Japan's ancient capital of Kyoto. In establishing Gunze, Tsurukichi Hatano wanted to promote the local silkworm industry while building a solid and harmonious relationship with the local community and all stakeholders surrounding the company. This intention is reflected in the company's name, Gunze Silk Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (presently Gunze Limited), as "gun-ze" means "the policy of the district." With the aim to give back to the society in which we operate, Gunze is determined to be a responsible corporate citizen by adhering to our founding philosophy that underscores a people-oriented approach, a commitment to quality, and coexistence.

Funding Philosophy Striving for harmonious coexistence with all stakeholders surrounding the company through a people-oriented approach and a commitment to quality.
Corparate Motto 1. Contributing to society through the supply of quality products
2. Operating with integrity to build solid relationships with our customers and associates
3. Working to achieve international leadership by capitalizing on our vital energy and creative ability
Gun Activity Guidenlines Chapter 1. Gunze endeavors to contribute to society through its corporate activities and to fulfill its responsibility as a corporate citizen.
Chapter 2. Gunze is determind to promote activities in conformance with fair and internationally accepted rules.
Chapter 3. Gunze will vigorouly accept any challenges and meet them with a sensible cource of action.